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The Port Lands Project

The Port Lands Project
City of Toronto Waterfront

Over 20 years in the making, the Port Land project is an ambitious attempt to create a naturalized river valley on the Don River in downtown Toronto, this will provide a critical multi-purpose urban greenspace that will also help prevent flooding in at-risk parts of the city. 


The 330-acre project will also help adjacent communities become more sustainable, livable, and beautiful with greenspace for a range of activities. The scale and inspired design of this project will need a lot of help to be successful. Naturalizing a heavy impacted urban site is the type of work where EcoTea™ can shine, to support the plant installation and maintenance teams, the city of Toronto, and its residents bring more nature back into the city.


The sweeping scope of the landscape design work presented and developed by Michael Van Valkenburgh, working with other high-quality providers on the project reenforced the value of a liquid biological amendments to ensure the survival of thousands of plants being installed on site.


This decision became part of the project specification, acknowledging that a great first step to bring nature into a project is to start in the soil. EcoTea™ was a natural fit with 10,000 of species ready to grow as plant roots and communities develop. Onsite production, as always provides the best value and EcoTea™ experts will be overseeing the product brewing and application by qualified landscape professionals.


As part of the initial planting EcoTea™ will be applied to all turf, garden beds and tree installs.  To ensure to strongest start for this fledgling ecosystem EcoTea™ products will be applied annually over a period of 3 years (2023-2025).

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