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Specialty Crops

Perennial crops can’t adjust by season or rotate as necessary. These multiyear crops need support made for where they are and what conditions they get, no matter the season.


EcoTea™ products provide the root zone with tremendous benefits to deal with changing environmental conditions, improving soil structure and directly benefiting the plants with additional nutrients and other critical support.


With versatile application and benefits from install to established plants EcoTea™ can help you grow the best harvests in a changing less predictable environment.


EcoTea™ is a great addition to grape production across our country. EcoTea™ help vines cope with both abiotic and biotic stress, whether it be transplant stress, cold stress, pathogen stress or water stress.

Our products also helps with nutrient use efficiency, overall plant, and root health and provides a marked increase in cellular respiration ensuring improved growth in any season.

Green Orchard


Whether at the time of install or in established orchards, EcoTea™ can provide a natural boost to root zone activity by increasing biodiversity and providing additional species for the crop to associate with.


Applications of EcoTea™ can improve both biotic and abiotic stress resilience ensuring your trees are better prepared for whatever next season brings. While reducing tree stress EcoTea™ also improves soil quality providing water holding capacity and air porosity to further strengthen root networks.

Small Fruit

Able to run down drip line systems our products can be worked into a berry program to benefit early spring root development, reduced stress in harsh conditions and provide higher sugar and flavonoids at harvest. EcoTea™ can also increase establishment success at the time of install in new field, building a faster path to mature harvest levels.

Apple Orchard


EcoTea™ Liquid Life

An ecosystem in every drop, Liquid life provides the base of biology in your program with an easy 1-part mix and go product that is low sediment and useful in any liquid application system.

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